No defence

In response to Dr John Cameron (Letters, 7 March), it is correct to note that fascism is 
a form of socialism and, in Germany’s case, National Socialism.

It is also correct to note that it is wrongly used as a pejorative term to denote an opponent of Marxism.
In the case of the Ukraine and Russia, the term accurately describes the ousted Yanukovic regime and the current Putin regime respectively.

Further, it is worth pointing out the Ukraine suffered disastrously from being part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – but then so did every Soviet republic.

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Bruce Crichton

Victoria Road


I am sure that the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces (your report, 7 March) shows exactly how futile and useless it is for the UK to have Trident on the Clyde.

The same applies to super powers like the United States and even Nato.

There is absolutely nothing Prime Minister David Cameron can do but bluster and watch from a distance.

Vladimir Putin probably thought that the UK’s illegal invasion of sovereign Iraq was a licence for him to do likewise.

Donald J Morrison

Haig Street