No compromised

If I were a No voter, I would be worried because Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrat parties are determined to misrepresent the No vote.

There was a long debate as to the wording of the question on the referendum ballot paper. The possible second question on devolution was ruled out. Yet the No vote is now manipulated to be a vote for some undefined additional devolution.

There are people known to me who are voting No and honestly would prefer to have the Scottish Parliament abolished and all powers repatriated to Westminster – a view I absolutely disagree with.

However, they certainly do not want to see any additional powers being given to the Scottish Parliament.

Their view may be a minority one, but it is their view. It is an abuse of their vote to claim they have voted for a proposal they would not agree to endorse.


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An individual has been charged with a criminal offence for trying to sell a vote. Yes, that is criminal, but so should vote manipulation – vote rigging – be an offence: Westminster should think again.

Brian Rattray GylE

Muir Road



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The unionist parties wanted a clear choice at the referendum between independence and the status quo. That is what they got.

Many in Scotland wanted a third devo-max choice on the ballot paper but the unionist parties were not prepared to use the time available to work together to offer this choice.

Given what has passed, it is insulting that what can only be described as vague hints of more are now being bandied about.

No-one should be tempted to vote No in response to these vague hints.


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Vote Yes with certainty for certainty.

Andrew Parrott

Stuart Avenue