Nicola Sturgeon recalls Holyrood over school closures - your views


Holyrood recall

Nicola Sturgeon recalls Holyrood amid plans to shut schools for January.

If, or probably when, this is announced, can ScotGov please define the exit strategy? By what measure will schools reopen, and what is the plan to recover from a year of lost education? Before we know it, January will become February then Easter.

Malcolm David Burke


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If she and the SNP were serious about Education they would have had teachers / support staff and pupils as part of the first group to receive the vaccination and along with measures already in place the schools could remain open and our children are educated which they have the right to expect.

Colin Young

Protect children's education at all cost. The teachers could wear masks, just like the medical staff and I have to do in work.

Dar Ked


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Learning online did absolutely nothing for my grandson. I understand the reasons why schools may need to close again, but he missed the face to face teaching and his peers. He is an only child, which just adds to the frustration.

Ann Denovan

A lot of parents won't have the capacity to provide the proper education at-home. I have worked throughout lockdown and so has my husband. My daughter will be hugely disadvantaged in her learning, like many others. She will get around one full day of home learning a week. Definitely makes me worried..

Fiona Chan


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Cancel this school term entirely; teachers take their holidays just now and work the summer term when outdoor learning can be implemented. Time for the inflexible education system to become more flexible. That said, I appreciate it really would create a nightmare just now for families. But there are not many other options. Lots of research about how beneficial outdoor learning is, so Mr Flanagan couldn’t moan about his teachers not feeling safe as they would be outdoors.

Scott McClymont

There is no plan, we can't stay like this – lockdown doesn't seem to be working.

John Murdoch


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If pubs, clubs, cinemas etc are on lockdown, the same should be done with schools, colleges and universities.

Gillian Barr

So back to home teaching just now. Compared with loss of life it's a small price to pay. Keep going Nicola Sturgeon, you are doing a hard job and doing it well.

Jacqueline Elliott