New Unionism

A new right-of-centre party intended to enable opponents of the Salmond-Sturgeon separatist agenda to harmonise their efforts, as envisaged by Brian Monteith (Perspective, 5 January), might very well enhance the Scottish political landscape.

However, when he writes: “We also need to recognise that Unionists in the past were against Home Rule” isn’t he missing an essential point?

The word “Unionism”, as traditionally understood, referred in the past not to the Union between Scotland and England/rUK, but to that between Ireland and the rest of the UK. Hence a substantial part of Mr Monteith’s article, seeking to distance contemporary Unionism from its 1950s namesake, is unnecessary.

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A Unionist Party of the kind he advocates, dedicated to making the case for Scotland’s inclusion within the UK, would in fact be breaking completely new ground.

James Bruce

Church Street