Never go back

I WAS shocked to read the Inside politics column that discusses the MSP voting system (Perspective, 21 June). It seemed to be suggesting that we revert to the barely democratic first-past-the-post (FPTP) system used by Westminster. One of the main reasons for moving my family from England to Scotland and for supporting independence was precisely because Holyrood is a democratically elected parliament, which Westminster is not.

FPTP as used by Westminster inevitably leads to two dominant parties with barely differing policies. In many constituencies there are only two candidates who stand a chance of being elected, and voters are left to choose the one they dislike the least. It is no wonder that turnout levels are so low.

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We should always be looking for ways to improve the election process, but please don’t suggest that we take a backward step to the antiquated system used by Westminster.

Andrew Collins

Cupar, Fife