Nessiean values

Those who claim that Nessie does not exist (Letters, 2 February) are entitled to express their view, but these militant secularists and mammalians go further, seeking to drive believers in Nessie from the public domain and to make them behave like a purely private knitting club.

If more people believed in Nessie, our society would have a stronger bulwark against Islamist terrorism. Destroy the belief in Nessie and you destroy the Nessiean values upon which our country’s greatness lies.

It is also clear that, having survived for so long, Nessie is against assisted suicide, for if she were for it then in her loneliness she would surely have taken advantage by now, and against same-sex marriage, for the fact that she is reduced to a population of one is a vivid warning of how Scotland will end up now people can marry someone of their own sex.

Paul Brownsey

Salos (Scottish 
Adherents of a Large Old Saurian)

Larchfield Road


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Nessie is no myth. It is real, but it is not a monster. It is the prow of a scuttled Viking warship, which surfaces from time to time, as ably demonstrated by George F Campbell in his book The First and Lost Iona, A Secret History of Fort 

Also the “beast” seen by St 
Columba was not the monster, but a bear, an animal unknown to the Irish.

Colin McAllister

South Street

St Andrews

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