Nessie overload

I have been a tourist guide in Scotland for 20 years but I am still amazed by the magnetic 
attraction Loch Ness has on overseas visitors, with other areas seeming to take a back seat.

Springing to mind as examples one might cite Galloway, the Borders, Arran, the Castles of Mar, Glen Affric, Torridon and Wester Ross, and Sutherland. All under-marketed (I could go on).

And now we are told that 
visitBritain is allocating £2m, not to distribute the crowds away from the already saturated honeypots of Loch Ness and its surrounds to these equally (or more) historic and scenic areas, but to further market the most famous place in Scotland outside Edinburgh!

Am I alone in asking why?

James Allan



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I read Steuart Campbell’s 
letter (31 January) with interest, and note that he recommends his book, which dispels the myth of Nessie whilst ridiculing the 
notion of basing a tourism promotion around the fabled creature.

I find it curious that Mr Campbell rails against the beast whilst seeking to turn a profit from it himself!

Perhaps the next in his series of re-hashed conspiracy theory books will be for children, containing conclusive proof that Santa doesn’t exist.

He can then write to newspapers in Lapland for a bit of outraged self-promotion.

(Dr) Angus Mair

High Street

New Deer, Aberdeenshire

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