Neighbourly aid

Over the past weeks, the news has been dominated by scenes of acres of land under feet of water, future crops ruined, livestock at risk, houses awash and coastal areas facing a torrent of waves lashing the all-too-inadequate defences.

If this were a land far away emergency appeals would by now have been made across the media with opportunities for the public to donate.

We Scots are justly proud of our generous response when crises arise, so surely now is an appropriate time to respond to the need of our nearest neighbours.

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The government has promised money to repair homes, build defences against a recurrence of these weather conditions and compensate businesses for losses.

But, for those whose homes are knee deep in filthy water and whose precious possessions are ruined or destroyed, something is needed now.

Isn’t it time to show in some practical way that we, north of the Border, care?

C McNeil