Negative effort

Speaking on last Thursday’s BBC1 This Week programme, singer Pat Kane misleadingly suggested that David Cameron’s reference to the UK’s “broad shoulders” somehow compared Scotland to a child.

In fact, the Prime Minister’s reference was explicitly to the North Sea oil industry, and not to Scotland. In other words, it was a point that could have been made about any major industry in any potentially secessionist part of the UK, including

But it’s worse than this. Mr Kane’s attempt to find something offensive and negative is rendered laughable by several of his nationalist comrades.

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Alex Salmond has compared us to teenagers, slaves, surly lodgers and the contents of a filing cabinet. Yes supporter Frankie Boyle has implied that Scots are racist drunks. And fellow nationalists Alasdair Gray and Liz Lochhead have both compared Scotland to a child that needs to “grow up”.

Mr Kane would do well to look to his own side for the unpatriotic insults and negativity.

keith gilmour

Netherton Gate