Nationalised title

Journalists at The Scotsman whose jobs are threatened by redundancy after the announcement of more “restructuring” at Johnston Press will take little comfort in the knowledge that The Sun is introducing a charge for viewing its online version.

Notwithstanding the fact that some of us might be willing to pay to keep its gratuitous sex and shopping “news” out of our in-boxes, this is surely not the way forward for The Scotsman.

Like many people, I suspect, if I want a quick news update I will look at the BBC online news site, but when I want to read challenging opinions on a range of controversial issues at my leisure I read the paper version of The Scotsman. This frequently contains pieces by great journalists like Joyce McMillan, Allan Massie, Gerry Hassan and colleagues, who are all prepared to stand up and be counted on issues such as independence where less courageous souls might prefer to keep their heads below the parapet.

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The Letters page isn’t bad, 
either – we may not agree with everything that’s printed, but no-one can complain it’s not impartial! If the people who sign the cheques at the paper can hold off the axe until independence, I suggest the paper is nationalised. The BBC is still in essence a UK state institution, yet in spite of its many faults, it has rarely been accused of repeating pro- government views on controversial topics.

A national newspaper owned by the Scottish people would not have a remit to repeat any party line, but could be tasked with fearlessly investigating 
issues which affect all of us, and so might go some way to 
promoting both healthy democracy and a better understanding of Scottish history and culture.

(Dr) Mary Brown

Dalvenie Road