National disgrace

Surely the time is long past for the government to have come out with a statement regarding its policy about pot hole-riddled roads. They are a national disgrace.

There is no point passing the buck to local authorities as they always plead “nae money”.

As well as being a national disgrace it is also a national emergency and something radical is required.

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Politicians keep telling us about the “tough” decisions they make, so let’s see how tough they can be.

My only solution is that we introduce a sensible form of
national service which could, as and when required, do up roads to a satisfactory standard. Most motorists are aware of regular pot holes which get “mended”, but somehow or other require to be mended again after six months or so.

The only benefit I can see in this is that it keeps some people in regular work.

In this age of all kinds of wonders cannot some wonder cure be found? Perhaps Ukip can help.