National anthem

Others (Letters, 31 August) have answered Alex Marshall’s article (Perspective, 29 August) on a Scottish national anthem. My preference, on historic and musical grounds, is for Scots Wha Hae.

The pensioner whom Alex Marshall mentions had already caused the Scottish Government to define the shade of blue in the Saltire flag (Pantone 300).

He then tried to get the government to define our anthem, which it (sensibly in my view) declined to do.

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A state definition of a state anthem can await the restoration of the Scottish state.

Circumstances and opinions change. When Australia had a referendum to decide its anthem most expected it to be Waltzing Matilda.

Voters chose Advance Australia Fair but Waltzing Matilda still seems better known as expressing Australian identity.

David Stevenson

Blacket Place


Dr PM Dryburgh (Letters, 31 August) makes an excellent point – no gloating about ancient conflict should be connected with a nation anthem. So we can drop God Save the Queen – or does “crush the rebellious Scots” get allowed Scot-free, so to speak?

Umm we might need to have a word with the French…

John Cutland

Montgomery Street


I wish we had an anthem as stirring as Italy’s.

I must confess I have even watched Urbi et Orbi at Easter just to hear that catchy tune!

For myself, I think Highland Cathedral would be the most appropriate after independence.

As a football fan, yes, I love Flower of Scotland, but I want Scotland to look forward, not backwards.

John V Lloyd

Keith Place

Inverkeithing, Fife