Nanny state

Of all the Orwellian proposals to have come out of Holyrood recently, the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill, which proposes a responsible adult be allocated to every child up to the age of 18, is the most sinister.

It is surely contradictory for the SNP government to wish for 16-and-17-year-olds to have the vote, as in last year’s referendum, to make “adult” decisions and yet to still class them as children until they are 18.

What insidious pressures would be brought to bear on these youngsters in the two years of “not quite being considered grown up” in return for government protection? Also, would an armed services recruit at 16 be still tethered to a social worker or other responsible adult to ensure that they weren’t mistreated or unhappy whilst away from the parental home protecting the country?

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What of the hapless new 17-year-old driver? Must they have their minder with them until they reach 18? You never know what someone will get up to when driving alone.

If this nannying government can’t trust the people to bring up their own children it’s gone too far and it’s time for less government and more individual responsibility.

Stuart Robertson