Myth of ‘too wee’

Peter Jones (Perspective, 12 November) asks if any reader could pass on to him the source of the now oft-repeated SNP myth of “unionists” claiming that “Scotland was too small, too poor and too stupid” to break up the UK and run its own affairs.

I have followed with some passion and dedication every twist and turn in the referendum debate since it began, and long before, and I cannot find a single instance of a pro-UK source saying anything remotely like this.

Most, in fact, go out of their way to say that is not the argument at all; it is simply that we and our children would be much better off in every imaginable way as a vibrant part of the UK.

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This “too wee...” myth, I am now certain, was dreamt up by an SNP spin doctor, perhaps after a dram or two at an SNP conference.

It may have sounded like a good idea then. But since its introduction the opinion polls would again suggest, like so many of the other cunning plans of the Nationalists, the effect has been the exact opposite of what was planned.

Alexander McKay

New Cut Rigg