Musical discord

Having read David Kettle’s review (8 February) of the SCO 40th Birthday Concert, I wondered if I had attended the same event. Then I remembered the Hans Andersen fairy tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes, where the flatterers praise the Emperor’s dress leaving the child to recognise there is nothing there. And that is what I felt about the opening piece. There was nothing there, no tune, no melody, no rhythm, no theme, no form or structure. Entitled Six Speechless Songs, it is obviously in development, but shapeless and incomplete. There was dis chord, but there was also dat chord. They came as strangers, remained so throughout and departed still unacquainted.

Thank goodness for the follow up of Chopin and particularly the Beethoven 5th. This was music at its best.

David Horne

Boghall Farm Steadings

Bathgate, West Lothian

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