Murphy’s law

Sectarianism and bigotry have been around for a long time and are serious and 
complex issues that need to be dealt with.

Jim Murphy has spoken out about the SNP’s “flawed” offensive behaviour legislation and pledges to scrap it immediately if he becomes First Minister.

I acknowledge that these problems do require more than policing at football matches and monitoring social media.

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Mr Murphy argues that these matters need to addressed in school classrooms. He may be interested to learn that they are – through Personal Social Education classes as well as in certain English text lessons. So hopefully future generations will reap the benefits from educating our younger citizens.

In the meantime, surely if the recent legislation is helping to reduce sectarian behaviour online and “on the terracing” (the review in August 2015 will confirm or otherwise) then it’s also a positive step in the right direction.

It’s rather ironic that Mr Murphy accuses the SNP government of “headline grabbing” and yet his outspoken “pledge” is highlighted in your main front page story (6 November).

Brian Watt

Hainburn Park