Muirfield victim of witch hunt

JOHN Huggan (Sport, 21 July), having joined man-hating Harriet Harman’s call to ban all-men clubs (and presumably all-women ones too), clearly despises Muirfield, the R&A and all their works. His description of Muirfield’s members was quite outrageously rude and unbecoming, more akin to the worst of tabloid journalism and unworthy of your newspaper. I am a member of an open/equal-vote golf club (and was proud to be its captain) and I expect all such will emerge in due course.

But I respect the minority who wish to continue to be in single-sex clubs. Under the UN Charter Chapter 8, there is still freedom of assembly and freedom of association in this country. David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Andrew Lansley and Maria Miller, as mere political opportunists and in zealous pursuit of their social agendas, have joined the Stalinist-style witch hunt against Muirfield and the R&A along with headline-grabbing Alex Salmond, whose ego now mirrors the late Hugo Chavez’s.

I submit that the UK’s politicians face much greater global and economic challenges than fretting about golf clubs. The bloated, dysfunctional Westminster and Holyrood parliaments are scarcely models of probity and propriety and are in no position to lecture others about governance.

I had a wonderful day at Muirfield, my enjoyment enhanced in the knowledge that all of the foregoing meddling politicians were absent.

Ewen Watt, Dalgety Bay