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Richard Lucas (Letters, 8 August) states that he favours schools with a “diverse ethos and philosophy” to meet various worldviews, then goes on to say these must be taught by “genuine proponents”

Who are these genuine proponents? Those qualified to speak for their beliefs? In which case every school would need to have them taught by Protestant and Roman Catholic clergy, an Iman, a Rabbi, a Guru, a Zen master, a Wiccan witch, a Satanist priest, a Scientology leader, and a plethoa of other “genuine proponents” speaking for thier faiths, as well as representatives from humanism and atheism.

Given that Mr Lucas believes that a “pallid veneer of Christianity” exists in assemblies in schools which he sees as “liberal and secular”, one can only surmise that he is speaking for his own Wee Free faith. But if time is given to Protestant Christianity, then to reflect diverse philosophies equal time would have to be given to all faiths, and atheism - or none at all.

Leslie Thomson

Moredunvale Green


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