More Murdochs

As the independence referendum campaign heats up, the extremes of our Scottish society seem to be emerging.

Politics has a way of making this happen and I don’t call it energising. News bulletins are full of public speakers being verbally and physically abused, social media used to issue threats to public figures, and even the so-called debate between our political leaders set no example for the population to follow. We also have to contend with the appalling images from the Middle East.

Against this dismal scenario, it was wonderfully refreshing to see the young Commonwealth Games gold medal swimmer Ross Murdoch take the time to trace five-year-old fan Brian Fitzpatrick, who wrote him a letter, to spend time with him and make him feel important. This young man was compassionate, articulate and keen to give back something to the community that allowed him to flourish. Scotland needs more Ross Murdochs.

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Mike Provan

Main Street, Townhill