More fuel them

A NEW “green” petrol will soon be introduced to the UK because of European union regulations (your report, 7 February). This new eco-fuel, E10, contains 
10 per cent bio-ethanol, compared with up to 5 per cent in the E5 currently on sale.

However, tests by What Car? show the E10 unleaded petrol can make cars up to 11.3 per cent less efficient, increase CO2 tailpipe emissions and could ruin the engines of older vehicles. The EU directive dictates 
that major suppliers must add environmentally-friendly alternatives to petrol so they will add bio-ethanol, made from corn, sugar cane and rapeseed. Foreign countries chop down trees and burn shrub-land to grow these crops. How green is this?

The EU renewable energy directive demands cuts in greenhouse gas emissions because the EU claims these cause global warming, although the world has not warmed for 16 years despite huge global increases in manmade CO2. Yet another stupid ruling from the EU.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road