Moral pirouettes

No-one can accuse the SNP leadership of being shy in seeking political advantage – no matter the moral pirouettes that this might involve.

It takes your breath away to witness the First Minister and her predecessor shamelessly arguing the case for staying in the European Union using economic and social arguments that they so very recently dismissed when these were used to argue for staying in the UK.

Even when pitching the positive case for staying together on the European stage, the First Minister cannot stop herself using the opportunity to drive wedges between the people of Scotland and the rest of the UK, suggesting a double-lock on EU membership whereby the democratic will of the peoples of the UK could be overturned by a Scottish veto – as if a Scottish Nationalist vote is more important that any other vote.

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But then of course, as we found to our cost in the recent referendum, in practical terms that is the SNP leadership’s view, determined as they are to impose the separatist will of the minority on the majority, no matter the cost to us all.

Keith Howell

West Linton


Last week it was confirmed that the in/out EU referendum question will be worded as “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?”

This is an absolute disgrace. Last year’s in/out UK referendum question was not worded as “Should Scotland remain a part of the United Kingdom?” – a fact that allowed the Nationalists to accuse their opponents of being “negative” almost every time they opened their mouths.

Ukip and a significant number of Conservative backbenchers might not see this coming but they are about to get the exact same treatment -- and from a bunch of “Better Together/Best of Both Worlds” Scottish Nationalists, who get to be “Yes” when they want out of one union and (totally inconsistently) “Yes” when they want to stay in another!

Keith Gilmour

Netherton Gate