Monstrous insult

I have noticed of late with growing anger a creeping triumphalism emanating out of the tram project headquarters. There is nothing to be triumphant or satisfied about with this Frankenstein project.

We Edinburgh citizens who have borne, helplessly, the privations of inconvenience and business disruption that this project has forced upon us for the past six years, must quash any such sentiment with robust disdain and for your part, with continued journalistic rigour.

Furthermore, at the risk of squandering any more of our hard-earned tax revenues, those responsible for this borderline or actual criminal waste of ­public funds must be held to account through a public inquiry or ­judicial review.

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They must be identified, named, shamed and punished ­accordingly. The reputational damage to Edinburgh, the businesses that have gone bust, the appalling waste of funds that might otherwise have built innumerable schools, hospitals etc, and our suppressed but real public anger, demand nothing less.

Richard Edlmann

Doune Terrace


I was somewhat bemused to read that, according to ­Gordon Dewar, chief executive of Edinburgh Airport, the new trams “will offer an efficient, consistent and modern way to ­access the capital” (your report, 18 September).

We already have an efficient, swift, reliable and frequent mode of transport – the Airlink, which takes passengers to Haymarket Station, the city centre and Waverley Station. Does he not know about that service?

What will happen to it when, and if, the trams start to run, or will it, too, become another ­victim of this expensive fiasco?

Vivienne Stirling

Craigs Grove


The news that tram fares between Edinburgh Airport and the city centre are to be £1.50 more expensive than the current bus fare beggars belief. Given that it will take longer to travel by tram than by bus, how on earth can Councillor Lesley Hinds think that this is good value (your report, 18 September)?

Travellers will vote with their feet and choose the cheaper ­option unless, of course, the ­cunning plan is to make Lothian Buses increase its fares to come in line.

While accepting that the trams are finally going to run next year, I think we should be given some inkling of the likely train fare from Galashiels to Edinburgh on the new Borders Link.

A substantial charge on this line will make our dear old A7 busier than ever.

Alan Macdonald

Newbattle Abbey Crescent

Dalkeith, Midlothian