Monkey’s distress

I was saddened by Yongzhi Chu’s photograph of a cowering monkey, which you included in your article on the 2015 World Press Photo of the Year competition (your report, 13 January).

I can’t get the image out of mind. It’s a graphic illustration of the human abuse of power. The terror on the face of the helpless creature is heart-­breaking.

China’s circus industry is built on the exploitation of its captive animals.

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The Chinese government’s 2012 ban on performing animals is ignored. Those who attend performances for ­“entertainment” have no conception of the suffering endured by these creatures.

Monkeys are social animals, who suffer greatly from depression and loneliness when ­separated from their family groups. It’s not hard to identify with their distress when you ­understand this fact.

If Yongzhi Chu’s intention was to highlight the abuse inherent in Chinese zoos, wildlife parks and circuses, he deserves much more than a photography prize.

Carolyn Taylor


Broughty Ferry