Mone-Tory union

People who voted No to Scottish independence must be flabbergasted by Michelle Mone’s recent comment that she would be voting Tory to keep out an SNP/Labour alliance.

Labour leader Ed Miliband, at the party leaders’ BBC1 Question Time on Thursday night, said he would rather be out of government than do any form of deal with the SNP. That cannot be more clear. Perhaps in fairness, Michelle’s timing was unfortunate, but she should rectify her advice without delay in the interests of patriotic unity. If she wishes to ensure pro-UK MPs are elected, Michelle should look at the Scotland In Union constituency tactical voting information guide, and she will see the informed opinion on the leading pro-UK candidates to consider voting for.

This guidance is totally fair to all the political parties and broadly favours the sitting MPs of the three main UK parties or their replacements, and in the case of the only six currently held SNP seats, at least four Conservative candidates.

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Great efforts are being made to ensure main UK political party co-operation, when the SNP are doing their best to set them against each other. I hope Mone has the sense and grace to advocate voting for leading pro-Union candidates, rather than the party of political choice.

Anthony Webber

Alma Street, Leicester