Mone attacks

I completely agree with 
Angela Innes (Letters, 13 August) that some of the online abuse directed at Michelle Mone was extremely unpleasant. It is also unnecessary as there is plenty in Ms Mone’s track record which is open to legitimate criticism without resorting to abusive language.

For example, when describing the aftermath of a demonstration against the government, she took to Twitter to say: “We are too soft, Police need the support of the army. People who riot, steel (sic) cover face, deserve zero human rights.”

She then exchanges pleasantries with an individual calling himself StevieCut2011 who advocates “Shooting the scum bags”, and to whom Ms Mone responds: “Cram them in the cells, take all their human rights away. If we are paying them, they have a house take it away.”

Ms Mone used to support 
Labour but switched loyalties.

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She lost two employment tribunals, costing her £27,000, and during one it transpired that she had bugged her employee’s 
office. By her own admission she “trashed” her husband’s car, destroyed his clothes and put laxatives in his coffee.

She now sells products which come in a bottle which can either “plump up” or reduce breasts depending on the customer’s needs.

And now there are the revelations that she avoided large amounts of UK tax by using Employee Benefits Trusts, a device used by Ranger FC to their cost.

These are just a few of the examples which feature in the life and times of Michelle Mone, but in my view they indicate that she is ideally suited to be an ambassador for the Tories as personified by David Cameron, George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith.

I look forward to the fruits of this collaboration with eager anticipation.

Douglas Turner

Derby Street