Mixed messages

Yet another contradiction within the independence campaign promises came to light on Newsnight Scotland on Thursday.

The question under discussion was whether an independent Scotland would produce a more equitable society. Of course it would, was the response given by Blair Jenkins, chief executive of the Yes campaign.

After claiming that the SNP could be addressing the problem of social inequality without the need for independence but had a very poor record in this regard, Jackie Baillie, Labour’s shadow secretary for health and wellbeing, pointed out that there was a tension between the promise to reduce corporation tax and the promise to reduce social inequality.

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Mr Jenkins’ response was that he was not promising a reduction in corporation tax; that that was an SNP policy. So in order to stimulate economic activity and attract business the white paper tells us that we will have a cut in corporation tax.

But if social inequality is the topic under discussion then the chief executive of the Yes campaign tells us we won’t have a cut in corporation tax! Are they making it up as they go along?

In or out of Nato, the EU, a currency union, more prosperous or more equal – who knows?

I simply do not understand how anybody other than those who want separation at any cost would sign up to what can only be described as a “mish-mash”.

Colin Hamilton

Braid Hills Avenue