Mixed messages

Allan Massie (Perspective, 6 August) has completely missed the rationale behind Baroness Warsi’s resignation.

We are vociferous about the other terrible conflicts in the Middle East but we do not supply them with the weapons to commit their crimes nor give them billions of dollars in support every year. We treat Israel as a democratic and Westernised capitalist country and should expect it to behave within the terms of humanitarian and international law.

When its behaviour steps outside these norms, we have a right to expect our government to take steps to rein in the excesses. David Cameron and Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Philip Hammond have failed, merely asking for a ceasefire while still supplying arms and other equipment to the Israeli army. I would suggest it is our government which has a selective moral approach and does nothing where it could bring influence.

The atrocities being committed in Syria and Iraq are dreadful and in part derive from Western imperial policies, however let us concentrate on what is feasible and do some good in ensuring a more just settlement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts.

Peter Speight

Howe Street