Minority rules

The result of the vote in Ireland on the status of marriage is the latest assault on Christianity. From Sir Ian McKellen’s tearing up of Bibles, the campaign for equality has targeted the overthrow of Judaeo-Christian values. As the recent wedding cake issue shows, this is not “live and let live”. It is “either or”. The closure of Christian adoption agencies and dismissal of Christians working in the public sector are further proofs, not of equality but of replacement ideology. That a micro-minority can wield such influence and power is concerning.

Christianity is portrayed as belonging to the past and advocating restrictive practices on personal freedom. In truth, Jesus Christ was not a repressive figure. Christianity is a spiritually liberating dynamic, which explains its continual global growth. Churches struggle to distinguish Jesus Christ from their own models of government. But there is vacuous folly in thinking that cultural change only brings unqualified benefits, as any honest assessment of present society surely shows.

The Church of Scotland has tried to negotiate these times with casuistic skill. However, it is learning that if it concedes one point of the argument, it is obliged to concede all others. Well intentioned appeasement inevitably brings defeat. Christianity is being politically set aside. Europe is returning to its pre-Christian state.

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(Rev Dr)

Robert Anderson

Blackburn & Seafield Church

MacDonald Gardens