Migrant crisis

The migrant crisis will be an 
on-going problem unless firm action is taken.

The enormity of it can be gathered in the words of the 1951 convention on refugees which states that they should “have a well-founded fear of 

This definition could now apply to a quarter of the world’s population and they all want to come to the West.

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The majority of refugees/
migrants are Muslim so why do they not seek refuge in the oil-rich Muslim countries where they could integrate?

Surely it is not because these countries do not want them.

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Lord Green of Deddington, chairman of Migration Watch, said: “We need to change the perception that Britain is a soft touch and that means arresting, detaining and, where possible, deporting those who have entered our country illegally.”

His suggestion was a detention centre dealing with asylum claims and appeals, preventing those migrants from absconding and with interpreters, lawyers, judges and medical staff based on-site.

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David Cameron should 
appoint Lord Green to halt the migrant tsunami.

Clark Cross

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Springfield Road