Mature SNP has chance to heal divisions

Despite claiming, quite falsely, that the “vow” has been watered down and then that Westminster was retaining a veto over devolved matters, there is an opportunity for the SNP to be a uniting influence.

If, as the polls suggest, the SNP have a large number of seats in the House of Commons, they can, as they claim, act to protect Scotland’s interests or they can revert to type and put attacking everything south of the Border as their main priority.

If they behave in a mature manner, they will gain friends and influence south of the Border and may be able to demonstrate how the Union can work in a more federal system.

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But if they act as “spoilers” and derail legislation that would not affect Scotland but would be detrimental to England, they will only ensure that if independence ever does come, it will be acrimonious and lead to a hostile neighbour – and that will not benefit a single person in Scotland. At worst they could end up causing civil unrest and eventually civil war.

Scaremongering, I think not – there is a glorious opportunity here to heal divisions but given the number of anti-English racists in the SNP (a minority to be sure, and of course something the SNP
always denies) one wonders if they will act for all Scots and all in the UK.

(Dr) Roger I

Turretbank Place