Mature decision

Mr Colin Hamilton (Letters, 9 July) is an interesting example of the differences I was trying to politely highlight in my letter between supporters of the Union and supporters of independence.

He rushes into print to congratulate anyone who agrees with his position and insults with innuendo and distortion folk who have a contrary view, as can be seen by his comments about letters contributed by myself, Sam McComb and Richard Marsh.

To track his letters is a fascinating exercise. When attacking other contributors, he makes references to their comments, consistently placing in quotes words and phrases they have not used.

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In the case of my letter, in order to allow him to describe one of my comments as patronising, he puts the word “older” in quotes.

A quick glance at my letter shows that I never used that word. Indeed, I made the point that it was not possible to determine the age of The Scotsman’s letter writers. He finishes his letter with the rather childish jibe that “mature” people will vote No.

Well, let Mr Hamilton be in no doubt that I and the great majority of my mature friends will be voting Yes because we believe independence offers the best future for our families.

Mr Hamilton indicates clearly that he has reached a certain age. Whether the style and tactics of his letters to The Scotsman can be described as maturity is open to debate.

Gill Turner

Derby Street