A matter of form

Like many others, I have been plagued by increasing numbers of unwanted marketing mail and annoying telephone calls from companies.

The problem is not helped by the fact that it seems our details are sold on by some government groups such as the Lothian Valuation Board acting as electoral registration. It seemingly sells on our details to companies, charities and others unless we opt out.

In the annual registration form sent to our homes, there is, virtually hidden in small print, a box which you have to tick to opt out of their “Open Register” which, if missed, gives them the opportunity to pass on our details, opening marketing floodgates.

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It surely is time to change the form so that it automatically opts everyone out of this appalling “open register” unless people choose to tick the box allowing them to sell on our details.

Surely it must be the task of government, councils and others not to sell on any of our details for marketing to others. Our politicians all agree that we are plagued by these increasing nuisance marketing calls and mail but apparently they turn a blind eye to groups such as Valuation Joint Boards allowing them to be fund-raisers at our expense. The job of electoral registration must simply be to update names and addresses for future elections. No more. No less.

Iain J McConnell

Station Road

Gifford, East Lothian