Matter of bias

We are writing to advise you that we have cancelled our subscription to The Scotsman with immediate effect.

We have been concerned for some time about the bias in your paper towards the No campaign, and your editorial advising readers to vote No was the final straw.

We are sure we are not alone and that your editorial stance will further reduce your circulation. We also believe that you should consider changing your name to The Unionist so that all readers will be aware of your 
editorial bias before they part with their cash.

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David and Alison Small

Craigleith Hill Gardens

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The front page of this morning’s Scotsman (20 September) has finally convinced me that “Scotland’s National Newspaper” no longer deserves this soubriquet.

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It was perfectly reasonable for you to argue that voting No was the best way forward for Scotland and that the difficulties and challenges resulting from a Yes vote carried an unacceptable risk to progress.

However, to carry the headline “Scotland Says No – Referendum Souvenir Edition”, with underneath the banner headline “Salmond Quits” was at best poor taste and at worst gloating self-congratulation. For your paper to regard the rejection of Scottish independence as an event worthy of producing a celebratory souvenir betrays the paper’s complete misunderstanding of what has been happening in Scotland. The process and manner of the referendum may be a cause for celebration and self-congratulation, the outcome is not. It is a time for reflection and consideration of how the governance of Scotland and the rest of the UK can be improved.

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Iain Brown

Brownhills Gardens

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St Andrews