Mass denial

Psychologists (and perhaps psychiatrists, too) should start now to take a serious academic look at how those supporting the failed Yes campaign 
are refusing to recognise that failure.

Their erstwhile leader has set the tone by acting as if he had won, and by ignoring the many failures of his leadership and government. It is very concerning for the mental health and well-being of the nation that so many don’t really believe that they and their campaign lost.

To remain in denial for so long becomes pathological. It ensures that as and when a second indy ref does come around (as surely it will) the campaign will not have used the interval to prepare that water-tight case which was so clearly missing this time around. Voters will still be again asked to “trust us, we’ll sort it all out once we’ve won”.

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It reminds one of the insane fury that the exposer of hoaxes and religious healing frauds, James Randi, faced when he proved that no miracles had occurred and that the saint was actually a serial sinner. People hated him because they preferred the comfort and hope afforded by lies to the pain of reality and truth.

T Flinn


East Lothian