Maritime values

The letter titled “Forgotten Past” from Professor Gordon Milne (23 July) asks: “Where is the dynamism?”

I believe the Scottish Maritime Museum has shown great dynamism in its ability, in only 30 years, to curate a collection of national significance, in surviving extreme financial hardship and in its award-winning displays and interpretation of Scotland’s maritime heritage.

The collections include vessels from all around Scotland, on display and afloat, large machinery from Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow and an eclectic collection of ephemera.

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However, we are aware of deficiencies and, with the assistance of a £423,000 Heritage Lottery grant, are undertaking a project to increase the art collection of the museum.

The museum is home to the Scottish Boat Building School, funded by the Coastal Communities Fund. It teaches 16-25-year-olds and has increased community involvement and volunteering.

We have 85 regular volunteers and work closely with a range of third-sector organisations to provide employment placements for offenders, unemployed and occupational therapy clients fulfilling a Healthy Society role often overlooked.

Our partners include the Royal Navy, BAE Systems Surface Fleet, Glasgow School of Art, The Royal Scottish Academy of Art, National Museum of Scotland, and many other heritage organisations.

Supported by the Scottish Government, Museum Galleries Scotland and Industrial Museums Scotland, whose aims, strategies and delivery plans we have had input into and use to ensure that our strategy and plans have a national outlook.

I would welcome the opportunity to show Professor 
Milne around the dynamic and national Scottish Maritime 

David A Mann

Scottish Maritime 

Gottries Road

Irvine, Ayrshire