Lying for profit

I am sick of this inverted xenophobia/racism whereby the old lie from people like Bob Taylor (Letters, 14 March) is parroted that “experience has shown that employees from Poland are more ambitious, more conscientious, more diligent than some of their British counterparts”. There has never been a single study to prove this myth that is mass-repeated by the chattering classes.

Meanwhile, over in Poland, the same lies are repeated as the excuse to employ Russians over native Poles – yet the Russians, despite being supposedly better workers, also receive less pay than their Polish counterparts. Sound familiar? 

Keeping the so-called “wage burden” low for “wealth creators” is the singular reason for governments encouraging mass immigration to artificially increase competition for jobs, nothing else.

It’s long past time that the “diligent immigrant” lie was treated with the contempt it deserves – little more than a 21st-century equivalent of “the noble savage” inverted racism of ­yesteryear. 

Mark Boyle


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Linn Park Gardens