Lunch confusion

The furore over the SNP "cash for lunches" scandal is justified. We cannot have access to the Scottish Parliament sold for party-political purposes. What is more concerning is the attitude of the SNP candidate, Osama Saeed, whose campaign was benefiting (your report 10 February). He is wrong to say that "the opposition don't like the SNP raising money"; most democratic citizens would disapprove of using the parliament for party-political fundraising.

What Mr Saeed does not seem to understand is that it is not about access – anyone can join the First Minister in the chippie for a chat, in fact anyone can make appointments to meet their elected representatives and MSPs and ministers regularly meet lobbyists and others.

The whole point about this episode was the involvement of fundraising, not access, and if Mr Saeed considers it acceptable to use the parliament for party-political fundraising purposes, he should really consider whether he should be standing for parliament. We have just been through a period when politicians' reputations have reached an all-time low; restoring our respect is essential for all candidates.


Strath, Gairloch

Wester Ross