Loved Labour’s lost

Labour leader Ed Miliband jets in and out of Scotland to tell us he will do everything he can to stop us using the pound if the vote is Yes. He stands shoulder to shoulder with Chancellor George Osborne on this one.

The sad spectacle of Scottish Labour MSPs voting to retain Trident in the Clyde reinforces all my conclusions that the Labour Party has now lost all its political ideology as a left-of-
centre movement.

For Labour MSPs, many of whom marched under CND banners in the past, to vote with the Tories in support of Trident is truly shocking.

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This is only a few weeks after confirmation that the UK government and the Ministry of Defence effectively stopped the exploration of oil and gas reserves in the Firth of Clyde so that submarines armed with nuclear missiles could negotiate the waters.

Labour’s continuing support for Trident on the Clyde denies the opportunity for towns in the west of Scotland, particularly in North Ayrshire, blighted by 
de-industrialisation and deprivation, to cash in on the benefits of oil and gas.

But there is more. Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls has suggested he will retain the Tory cuts 
programme if Labour is elected.

I was a Labour Party member for more than 20 years. I was a 
Labour councillor for more than 15. I was Labour leader of South Ayrshire Council. I will vote Yes next month.

However, there is hope for 
Labour voters. They have a unique chance to create a new restructured and proud Labour Party without the Milibands and the Balls and the House of Lords.

They should vote Yes in 
September and vote Labour in 2016. Simple.

John Baillie

Allanvale Road