Lost traditions

The significant phrase for me in Lesley Riddoch's Opinion piece (4 January) on Edinburgh's "packaged Hogmanay" was "imported culture with almost no distinctive Scottish content". The Edinburgh spectacular is a valuable commercial venture tacked on to Hogmanay, but unconnected with tradition.

Our culture has been steadily eroded for years, particularly on television, which is where most now encounter it. I gave up watching the abysmal New Year programmes years ago.

An STV programme recently established Robert Burns as the greatest Scot in history, yet any celebration I've seen of his birth has been more of an insult than a tribute.

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Scottish music and dancing once featured prominently on TV, with such programmes as The White Heather Club and Thingummyjig featuring outstanding bands such as that of Jim Johnstone, singers like Moira Anderson and dancers including Dixie Ingram.

This heritage should be preserved, not marginalised.


Ormiston Road

Tranent, East Lothian