Losing the Beeb

At last the debate about the future of broadcasting has been joined. It seems obvious to me that a separate independent country will inevitably have its own separate broadcasting ­system.

Overnight on a hypothetical independence day the BBC would become a foreign broadcaster and logically, as such, would cease to broadcast in Scotland. The “SBC” would take over.

Television and radio are important to the quality of all our lives. So when Blair Jenkins claims “BBC programmes will continue to be available to audiences in Scotland as they are in audiences in Ireland and other European countries” he is, to put it mildly, being economical with the truth.

He didn’t point out that it is only if you can afford to pay for a Sky dish and the monthly subscription, which many people can’t.

And we mustn’t forget radio. Many people listen to, for example, Radio 2, 3, 4, 5, 5 Live, and many more. How many of these will continue to be transmitted in Scotland, or, despite their popularity, will be discontinued as being not of Scottish interest?

Sky won’t help you with your favourite radio programme as you drive along in your car.

John Gordon-Walker

Caiystane Drive