Lording it over us

In today’s turbulent financial world, it is an outrage that more members of the House of Lords are being chosen, bumping up the numbers of this unelected millstone for the people of our country to way over 700 (your report, 2 August).

How long do we have to wait before any reform this chamber, as promised by government after government, is finally 
acted on?

All it is is a place where our political leaders can appoint their friends and supporters, giving them titles and attendance allowances that we can ill afford.

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Sadly, even though many Tory supporters would like major changes, David Cameron and his team will, like future promised EU referendums, find ways of backtracking on Lords reform, whenever it suits their whims and ambitions.

The Tories will never take 
action to cut back on this huge playground for their friends, no matter their election promises.

Iain J McConnell


East Lothian