Logic rules

Regarding as imbeciles those with whose opinions one disagrees does not open the door to a broader understanding of relevant issues.

While David Cameron would like to persuade the general public that SNP MPs would seek to “wreck” Westminster government, and many like Colin Hamilton (Letters, 30 April) appear to believe him, the fact is that SNP leaders realise that a responsible and constructive approach by their MPs will over time work in favour of achieving their long-term aim of independence.

One need only dispassionately consider the SNP’s success at Holyrood to appreciate that its competence in government consigned to historical archives the “doom and gloom” stories of anti-devolution campaigners as well as the predictions of those who foresaw the demise of the SNP with devolution of government to Scotland.

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The alarming news for Mr Hamilton and those who wish to sustain an already failing Union irrespective of its further decline, is that polls indicate that the Scottish electorate is not predominantly composed of imbeciles but of thoughtful individuals who by applying sound logic and basic common sense have determined that Scotland’s immediate interests are best served by a strong SNP presence at Westminster.

Radically reforming both the voting system and the second chamber of government to 
further real democracy throughout the UK may delay the day Scotland declares independence but such prudent and principled actions led by the SNP will 
eventually inspire confidence in the people of Scotland to take full control of their own 

Stan Grodynski


East Lothian