Lobbying group

Brian Wilson’s article (Perspective, 26 April) about the role of organisations, such as the CBI, in influencing government highlights the entire question of 
lobbying by non-democratic bodies in both Westminster and Holyrood.

This could be resolved in an independent Scotland by the formation of a second debating chamber in the governmental system, called the Estates.

Like the old Estates of the Crown, Church and Nobility, it would be formed of representatives of the many organisations and institutions which operate in a modern state – like law, 
unions, business, education and so on.

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Its forerunner was the Convention for a Scottish Assembly, and the present “Friends of The Scotsman” fulfils a similar role.

This lobbying would be carried out in a public place, and be recorded, and all would know about the process and who was behind what. It would operate in conjunction with, or instead of, the present committee system.

This would be a “talking shop” as was the Roman Forum where people heard the “res publica”.

There is even a classical venue for it in the old Royal High School building.

Iain WD Forde

Main Street