Little helpers

It may be a bitter pill for Scottish Conservative health spokesman Jackson Carlaw to swallow (your report, 3 July), but as a long-term mental health service user sometimes a tablet is the beginning of the journey out of anxiety and depression.

I agree that imaginative solutions are also important but funding for these is often patchy and what people with mental health issues really want is stability and continuity of service.

There are excellent alternative practices such as Fife NHS's excellent Cultural Prescriptions programme run alongside Fife Cultural Trust.

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It helps people with any 
medical issue to gain confidence and relaxation through learning new skills but if those who administer these valuable alternatives are constantly under pressure to secure funding then it is no surprise when they grind to a halt.

Governments and shadow governments are always crying out for alternatives and the creative sector can work wonders with small amounts of funding.

But until those in charge realise the efficacy of arts and creativity on mental health issues don't be surprised if most mental health service users just reach for that little brown bottle.

David Cruickshanks

Weavers Crescent