Listen up, cinemas

Like many other readers of The Scotsman, I decided to 
see the latest blockbuster Interstellar at the weekend. Although I would not fault the story line, I must make one point which was 
echoed by many other audience members after the film ended. Volume!

I appreciate that a film which shows spaceships taking off and flying about should indicate that there is some noise. However, must it be at a level of decibels which is sufficient to deafen the audience? I was so concerned at the sound level that I stuffed 
tissue in my ears, for all the good that did.

Can cinemas bear in mind that people who pay to watch films on their premises do need to be able to use their hearing for some years after engaging in their “viewing experience”.

If it is to be at a level normally experienced at Cape Canaveral, can they please give some warning by calling it a “deafening ­experience”?

Andrew HN Gray

Craiglea Drive