Listen to the users

Your report (18 March), that the SNP’s John Wilson had dismissed a recent survey from the Mountaineering Council of Scotland regarding wind farms in our wild places as representing a “select ­audience”, does not surprise me.

Shooting the messenger rather than answering deeply held concerns over the destruction of our beautiful countryside is typical of this government.

This survey was targeted at the people who he should be listening to as they use the countryside on a regular basis and spend their money in the caravan sites, bed and breakfasts, hotels, shops, pubs and restaurants in areas that desperately need their business.

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Mr Wilson seems to think that the views of hill walkers and climbers are less important than the foreign-owned electricity companies such as those his boss went to visit in Spain, but he should remember that, unlike the electricity company owners, we can cast our votes at the ballot box in September.

Alan Black

Camus Avenue