Life and death

Yet again the Free Church of Scotland weighs in on matters which should not concern it. (“Free Church of Scotland blasts organ donor plans”, 8 January).

At first I misread the headline and thought the Wee Frees were promoting organ donation. No such luck, and I should have known.

If anyone should promote the idea that out of death should come life, it should be the church. But the Wee Frees ­reserve most of their time to criticising gay marriage and the rest of their time to depriving people of a chance of survival and a decent life.

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Wee Frees: you preach that Jesus gave his life that others may live. You symbolically eat his flesh and drink his blood as part of your belief in eternal ­salvation.

Don’t you think it is appropriate that Christians, even dour, selfish, self-righteous Wee Free Christians, should give a bit of their bodies after death, so that another might live?

Then you too could “give life and life more abundantly”. I am saddened but not ­surprised by the Free Church stance on this issue. You strain the gnat of gay marriage while neglecting the far, far weightier matters of compassion, mercy, giving and life.

Bill Mair