‘Liberal’ values damage society

TYPICALLY, the latest contribution in the ongoing and divisive same-sex marriage debate comes from the Secular Society, an organisation that, for reasons that are still unclear, is determined to 
undermine any and all spirituality in society.

In this case Neil Barber 
(Letters, 16 June) implies that all opposition to this highly emotive issue comes from those whose objections have a religious basis.

From what Mr Barber says, he apparently sees nothing wrong with changing both the definition of marriage and, consequently, the roles of men and women in that union.

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One can only assume, based on the general tenor of his letter, that he is also happy to stand by as our culture is subsumed by those so-called “liberals” and “progressives” who want to use “equality” to promote further degradation in standards and values by 
legalising prostitution and have some currently illegal drugs reclassified and made freely available.

The fact is that there are many in society, like me, who are not religious, yet nevertheless believe that our culture 
is sliding ever more quickly into a quagmire of hedonistic excess and the outcome of 
this cannot be beneficial for anyone.

Mr Barber asks for some indication that universal equality will bring about what he is pleased to call a “moral apocalypse”. I suggest that he opens his eyes, because society crashes and burns as we watch.

Brian Allan, Alloa