Liberal cause

SO THE devastating thought has become a reality (Letters, 6 May)! I strongly believe that the election result in Scotland, and in the wider UK, is a threat to liberal values of individual rights and freedoms, and defence of vulnerable citizens from the power of the state. I do feel that the bigger threat is from the Conservative government, but there are dangers in having an almost one party state in Scotland and of course the recent SNP record is not one to bring confidence.

The Liberal Democrat commitment to campaign on behalf of mentally ill people is just one example of what may be at stake in the next few years.

Scotland is not an illiberal country and many people must feel as I do. The answer is not to hold violent demonstrations, but to become involved at a local community level. One way to do this is to join a political party and campaign in your own area. The Liberal Democrats have had a long tradition in doing just that, so it would make sense to join them, just as several thousands have done over the past few days.

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Charles Corser

Friars Way

Linlithgow, West Lothian