LGBT campaigns

Professor Norman Bonney (Letters, 18 March) implies that there is something questionable about an organisation receiving government grants, and at the same time campaigning to change the law. That would only be an issue if independence was compromised.

Our policy and campaign positions are based entirely on what LGBT people across Scotland tell us they need. We are proud of our independence, our work delivering on grant agreements with our funders, and our successful campaigning for change.

We have a track record of supporting moves to introduce greater transparency on lobbying at Holyrood.

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Our current website is still under development, and will grow, but it clearly states, under policy and campaigns: “Our policy work is partly funded by the Scottish Government, for whom we act as a strategic intermediary, while our campaigning work is completely funded by your ­donations.”

If Prof Bonney would like more details, a copy of our full annual report, or other information, all he has to do is ask – there is a form on our website to 
do that.

Tim Hopkins

Equality Network

Bernard Street